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A nationwide company dedicated to providing quality rehabilitation therapy services. Our Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy programs delivered from your respective skilled nursing homes, are designed to meet the needs of the individuals we serve. Therapy is a necessary and beneficial service that allows our residents to function as independently as possible.

Our goal is to work with the patient and the family to ensure a smooth transition to the home, residential care or long term care environment. Special attention is paid to achieving an optimal outcome by establishing individualized treatment plans for each patients

• Positioning Clients for Success

• Comprehensive PT, OT, ST Services
• Focused on Clinical Outcomes
• Valuable Marketing Analytics
• Essential Regulatory and Industry Knowledge
• Exceptional Customer Service



Everyday activities such as cooking or getting dressed can be difficult for people who have been injured or suffer from a debilitating disease. If a patient needs assistance in regaining independence in daily living skills, our occupational therapists can help.

Senior Therapy


Injury and illness can take a toll on the body's strength and mobility. Physical therapists can help patients regain strength, coordination and balance and reach specific goals, such as independent movement, wheelchair mobility or walking.



Speech and language therapy are aimed at improving communicative abilities and cognitive functioning. Our speech-language pathologist works with patients who have communication disorders. Through evaluation, a tailored plan of care is created. Our therapists will provide treatments in the areas of speech, voice, fluency, and swallowing.

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