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Whether you’ve spent many years at Park Central Care and Rehabilitation Center or you’re a new community member, we take the satisfaction of each and every one of our residents very seriously. People are talking about our incredible facilities and personalized services, and proudly recommend our Skilled Nursing Facility. But don’t just take our word for it, read some of our customer reviews and testimonials.


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I am 54, the youngest person in this facility during the 2 weeks I was here. I had knee replacement surgery so I was admitted at my own request for PT OT to get enough strength and range of motion in my knee to be able to go home and safely be independent. The challenge was I have 20 concrete steps just to get up to my apt. Then inside I need to be able to perform activities of daily living safely such as showering, getting on and off the toilet, etc, and not to lose balance and fall. I live alone, which is why I chose to go to a rehab facility after surgery since I have no help at home.

Anna, the admitting coordinator, called me at Washington Hospital. I appreciate her kindness and her work to match me with a roommate who is there for rehab only like myself. The majority here are ill with various conditions and not being ill nor near the average age here, I certainly appreciated her efforts. 

Their van brought me over. They are literally right across the street from Washington Hospital. I was roomed with a very nice considerate woman who was on the mends from fracturing her pelvis and in for rehab only like myself. We got along great. 

The staff here are all very nice and accommodating. John has a great sense of humor,  Flo a CNA is very nice and accommodating. They all root you on as you progress in rehab. I had a great PT, Pooja, and OT, Revati. They knew my goals and provided activities and exercises to help strengthen my muscles in my arms and legs. With that came balance which prevents falls. Since it was a knee replacement surgery and I have these massive stairs at home, I practiced stairs there while carrying full bags of items like I would grocery bags. I also did the exercises provided by the hospital staff on the weekends since the rehab program here is Mon through Fri.


Some of the meals wasn't half bad actually. Any facility you go to is not going to have homemade quality or restaurant quality food. They have the menu posted by the activities room and alternative choices if you'd rather have something else instead, but you need to let your CNA know a couple hours before the meal of the change. You can ask for a copy of the menus. Or you can have family or friends bring meals to you. I also brought snacks like tangerines and crackers for in between meals.This facility doesn't have the nursing home smell like most do, and is very clean. They clean everywhere thoroughly daily and provide fresh linens daily. This is a big plus especially for me who wasn't sick and didn't want to get sick.


My overall experience here was a great one. The staff are easy to find and listen to you. You need to be your own advocate no matter which facility you go to. Always be kind and respectful to the staff and they're happier to help you. As they say, do to others what you want done to you. Don't expect them to read your mind. They have other patients to tend to as well so you need to kindly ask them if you need something. Don't be demanding. They have a difficult job. I learned to tune out people who are ill here and focus on my recovery and goals, and I surpassed mine with a lot of work and determination on my part as well.. So thank you Park Central for giving me a pleasant experience and supporting me as I progressed very well in my rehab here!

Shonta N.

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